Composed 4/1/13
Description: A personal piece. It’s a bit strange, actually. I wrote this before knowing the whole story, and it turned out to describe the situation perfectly, even before I knew all the details.

I want to be the ray of light
That cuts through this dark room
To guide you when your way is lost
And the air is thick with gloom

When this room feels empty
And cold and lonely too
Don’t forget that I’ll be there
To warm and comfort you

And when you, by your own strength,
Pass by a lit window
And see the stunning beauty that you thought you’d never know
I want to be there to hold your hand
And whisper in your ear
And say that the same warming glow
Is in this room, my dear
All you need to find that switch
Is to keep moving on
To have faith that this switch is here
Even when you think it’s gone

Now I don’t know where that switch is
In this big dark room
But I’ll be here to shine the light
To help you find it soon
And if you don’t want my help
I’ll nod and fall behind
But I won’t leave; I NEVER WILL
Until you find that shine.


4 thoughts on “Light

  1. Thank you for this. It is a beautiful expression of the heart. My heart is crying out today for Jesus, who is the Light, to shine down! He can pierce this darkness. He is our Hope…Come, Lord Jesus! Have mercy. Bring your light and love.


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