I’d Forgotten

Composed 4/6/13
Description: Another personal piece. Basically some thoughts I’ve been having lately.

I’d forgotten
I’d forgotten the good things about you
Your voice, your words
The laugh I can pick out of a crowd

I’d forgotten
Your mind, the wit and gravity
Mixed together
To make me laugh and sigh

I’d forgotten
The way my heart pounds when I think I’m on your mind
The nervousness swirling in my arms
A feeling closer to love
Than I’ve ever felt before

I know now
That I had my chance and I missed it
So many opportunities to show I cared
And it didn’t cross my mind
And I don’t know why

But the more I think
The more I am sure it was a way to save my heart
To end the cycle
Of smiles and hope and rejection

I’d forgotten
I’d forgotten the bad too
The way I seek your attention
Only to be met with a wall

I’d forgotten
How often I try to impress you
Be with you
When I think all is grand

I’d forgotten
The way my heart collapses
And I can’t breathe
When I sense your dismissal
And you make me feel like a fool

I am torn
Do I want you in my life?
Or will it just result in strife?
I’d forgotten
I almost love you
But you don’t love me


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