Is It Really That Hard?

Composed 4/24/13
Description: My eternal frustration.

All I want
Is a devoted heart
To match an able brain
Passionate hugs
and kisses too
More topics than the rain

If I am
If I want some good ideas
He needs to be
Somewhat logical
To keep me safely sane

But if I feel
Alone and dreary
If I want his loving touch
He needs to express his love
That’s not asking for much

I want
His mind
I crave
His heart
I need quality of each
This seems simple
But why does it
Prove so out of reach?


5 thoughts on “Is It Really That Hard?

  1. Love this poem! Clearly expresses a single person’s struggle to find that perfect someone. I’d like to reblog on my own blog, if that’s okay =).
    In case you are wondering about where it will be reblogged, is about love, life, and a dating site my team and I will be launching that focuses on giving people back confidence in their ability to find love naturally…love at first sight that goes online.
    Let me know if you think your poem would be a good fit. Best Wishes!


    1. Hey! I’m glad you enjoyed my poem! I am perfectly okay with having you reblog it; part of why I post my writing here is so others can relate to it.

      Good luck on your site and thanks for reading :)


  2. A lovely piece! Funny, after reading “Princess” and partially reading in the possibility of ‘a power greater than I’ as being god, I read this poem the same way, as a person reaching for god, not another person. It works both ways very well, just depends on what mindset you have at the moment. :) Really enjoying your work. Keep it going!


    1. Wow, that’s really neat! I didn’t think of it that way when writing it, but, looking back after your comment, I can see that…

      It’s so cool how people can see different things in the same piece. Thanks again for reading and commenting! I’m glad you’re enjoying my blog :)


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