Composed: 11/21/07
Description: I will periodically interrupt this mass of poetry with a series of (unrelated) short stories that I have written over the years, starting from a very long time ago. I’ve labeled this as being composed roughly November 2007, but in all honestly it is probably much older than that. This is simply the day I posted it on DeviantArt, and it was old then.

So here we are then, with a pre-high school piece. It reveals a lot about me at that time, I think (and not just by how much my writing has changed/improved). Firstly, this piece was inspired by a RPG I used to be a part of, and that basically tells the story of how I got writing; I was a roleplayer-turned-writer. Fortunately, the people who ran the RPs I was a part of had standards, so I actually learned a TON. I honestly would not write nearly as well without their guidance, especially when it came to creating realistic characters. This piece also gives you a clue into WHAT I enjoyed writing about: fantasy. And specifically angels and demons.

This piece is probably the best standalone piece of writing I did during that time period; it was the only one I do not TOTALLY cringe at while reading. So it’s significant by being the only “old” piece of writing that I like and have kept.

Anyway, onto the piece. In this fantasy RP one could choose to audition for one of the seven deadly sins. Meanwhile, my character was a royal who would have been significantly targeted had the RP thrived. I always thought it would be interesting to see how she would react if tested by one.

And alas, this piece was born. (Ezra, whom she mentions, is her guardian angel.)

She slipped the spoon delicately between her fingers before she dipped it into the gooey dessert, meanwhile observing her bowl with faint interest. It was a fine looking conclusion to the meal – a creamy white pudding with thin swirls of deep brown mixed within. On the top of the mixture tiny crumbles of another flavor were sprinkled, probably some kind of caramel as the dark tan color suggested. The smell was pleasing as well; the sweet vanilla mixed with the other two flavors to create a faintly warm but rich scent that made the young woman’s stomach ache in approval. A kind, serene smile on her lips, the young woman nodded to the maid in thanks. She then brought the spoon to her pink lips and let the gooey combination ooze into her mouth.

Ah! It was so delicious! The pudding was the most amazing thing she had ever tasted. Every amount of flavor was perfectly balanced, the texture smooth and pleasing to her tongue, ah… everything so rich, but not overly so… Just marvelous. The young woman let her tongue slip over her lips once the spoonful was swallowed, savoring the amazing taste. The spoon was stuck into the pudding again, this time bringing out more of the dish. The young woman let the sweet taste rush over inside her mouth again, and she quietly moaned in pleasure. The taste sent a shiver down her spine… Oh! She had to have more!

Again and again the young woman brought the overflowing spoon to her mouth, letting the taste fill her whole body with warmness and delight. Each time she took a bite she took less time enjoying it and more time reaching for the next spoonful. It wasn’t enough to merely have one bite and savor it. The meal was so perfect, so delicious! She wanted another bite! More!

Her face now only inches from the silver bowl and its sweet contents, the young woman swiftly dipped the spoon in again and scooped the greatness into her mouth. Again and again she swallowed large, gooey bites, until her stomach began to ache again. This time it was not from hunger, however; she was full. Still again, she swallowed another bite and another. It was too good. She couldn’t stop… She couldn’t stop!

Jerking straight up, the young woman grasped the handles of her chair, breathing shallowly, jaggedly. Her whole body grew tense, her head and thoughts foggy. She had to have more… the taste was fading away. Oh, it was so delicious! She wanted it; she yearned for it… but no! She was too full. She couldn’t eat more. Her stomach was aching, tongue yearning….

Her resistance faded.

Spoonfuls were no longer enough. Letting the metal instrument clatter to the floor, the young woman grasped the silver bowl on both sides and brought the edge to her lips. The gooey substance oozed into her mouth but not fast enough. The woman’s tongue lashed out, thirsting for more. Her whole mouth dipped in, and mixed white and brown rose up to her nose. The young woman drank, licked… Still not enough… More, more! She had to have more!

The thick goop filled up all the space her mouth. Swallowing became difficult. Air less. The young woman began to choke, suffocate. Her eyes widened. The young woman jerked her head out from the bowl and began to sputter, spit, cough… Goop everywhere… the table, mouth, lungs… She took a few deep breaths, trying to regain a normal breathing pattern, but the yearning was pulling her in again, causing her head to lower back to the dish. So good, so delicious…

Try to resist the temptation! Resist! You’re strong! Don’t need the taste! Oh… but want it… Want it so bad…

She grimaced and grasped onto the chair handles again, breathing frantically, wanting air, wanting food. Head throbbing, eyes wild. Can’t breathe! Too full to eat more! No, no… Not too full… Food so delicious! What’s one more bite? What’s one more? One more could kill!

“Ezra, help… me….”

From the back of the kitchen, the maid cackled.


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