Composed 4/29/13
Description: I woke up with some of these lines today, and I wrote most of this in the first hour I was awake. Sometimes my dreams (even though forgotten) must stir up something inside me. In this case this something turned out to be feelings that I thought had, for the most part, gone. Apparently, my unconscious isn’t done with them yet.

If life was a fairytale
Someday you would change
Something unexpected would happen
One of these days
You’d yearn for me
Like you thought you never could
Because I was there for you
Because I understood

You’d realize my love
Is what you really needed
To help you heal
To keep you undefeated
A perfect love story
Once apart, now embracing
Now that we’ve grown and realized
What sends our heart racing

But I wonder sometimes
If I need to do my part
What should I do
To steal the prince’s heart?
Should I try harder?
Should I persist?
More than once I’ve considered
An unexpected kiss

But in the real world
That’s not sweet
It’s aggressive
And the last thing I want
Is to be considered offensive
So for now I’ll fall back
And pray every day
Either you’ll come to your senses
Or my want will fade away


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