Senior Year

Composed 4/30/13
Description: I am just about to finish up my junior year here at my university. Then it’s senior year, and then it’s… well, the real world. Everyone around me has been freaking out about what they’re going to do after they graduate. I am not excluded from that group. As a psychology major, there are a list of things I could do. I’ve pretty much ruled out a phD (the most surefire way to make money), but that still leaves me so many options. Do I try to get by with a bachelors? Maybe not. Grad school then. But for what? Should I get my MSW like I’ve been thinking? Get a masters in counseling and work with youth? Or go into legal mediation? What if I hate what I choose?

Happy dreams
Melt into nightmares
As the clock counts down
As the pages are ripped from their binds

Bright colors surround me
Friendly oranges, yellow, pink
But on the horizon
Unknown hues loom
Cold blues and black
Swirls of flashing red

How will I survive that desolate wasteland
With only my wits to aid me
Only a backpack stuffed with
Parlor tricks?
They mean nothing out there

What if my compass is wrong?
What if I take the wrong turn?
My life is doomed to wandering
Dissatisfaction, regret

And yet I have no choice
Hands force me forward

A trumpet blows
I wake
Among tossed pillows
And wrinkled sheets
Hot dew steaming on my skin

I arise
As the clock ticks
To take another few
Unwanted steps
Toward that unknown place


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