The Price of Power

Composed 5/25/13
Description: This poem came from a very strange place. After I came home from lunch this afternoon I got enwrapped in the last part of that show where they fix/cover up really terrible tattoos. This got me thinking about tattoos, and suddenly I had this idea. What if certain tattoos could give you magical abilities? The tattoos would be very intricate, and, I imagined, the ink used would not be typical tattoo ink, but magical ink that was, indeed, very painful once injected into the skin. Therefore, only the strongest individuals would be able to tolerate it and therefore be blessed with these powers. I even have the main character of this poem/universe created. I can picture her perfectly — she’s apart of a tribe with dark skin and pitch black, short, crazy curly hair… And totally badass. Haha, anyway. Hope you enjoy! More stuff may be stemming from this idea…

The ink in her skin
You can’t imagine the pain
It left her screaming
Mad, deranged
Each color a poison
Every stroke a slice
The reward would be great
But was it worth the price?
Her resolve was strong
Sixteen hours she whimpered
And when she had stopped
Fire shot from her fingers


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