Composed 5/27/13
Description: I went to Ikea today, and, in addition to inspiring me to design an entire house, the trip also led to this.

Striped red clothes hanging in a row
On a single clothesline
A black frame with white sheets stained with red
Tucked between a towering chest of drawers
A small silver table
All sharp and shining
A white lamp emits hazy light
Black and white paintings on blood red walls
And a single white vase of rigid red roses
That’s it
That’s all
No clutter
No mess

I wished I lived
In an Ikea display
Where everything was black and white
No stress, all matched
Organized and neat
Unlike my own abode

But if I did that
My life would be an Ikea display
Artificial, too clean
Devoid of all life


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