A Walk

Composed 5/30/13
Description: I took a walk this evening; this is the result.

We’re so numb in our metal cubes
With their artificial air
Their hard vibrations and pointless noises
Drown out every care

It’s only when you step outside
And kick up dirt and grass
And smell the green and brown of earth
That you start to live at last

Little squares of thick paned glass
Are no comparison to the sun
That makes you aware of your own skin
With sweat and burns and grunge

And you don’t even notice
When you’re stuck inside
The overwhelming pleasure
Of the forest’s shading line

When you’re out of your little box
You feel the consequences
Your pulse, your thoughts, and emotions jump
When a rabbit bolts at your fleeting presence

And the slight bumps in a little cube
When seen from the other side
Are wide eyed splatters of red on pavement
They’re disgust and sorrow combined

The naïve pleasure of coasting by
Does more damage than you think
I’d rather feel my brain and muscles fight
To know my body is all in sync

Those little metal boxes
Drain our feelings ‘til we’re dead
You truly only begin to live
When you walk on nature’s edge


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