The Story of a Red Balloon

Composed 8/2/13
Description: Inspired by life and the Norah Jones song
Those Sweet Words, specifically the lyrics: “your love is a lost balloon, rising up through the afternoon.”

I wrapped my fingers around you
A merry song light on my lips
In awe of your vibrant presence
I breathed in the lightness so new
I took you everywhere
I tried
The wind tossed you to and fro in its tide
I grasped you hard as I dared
I could never truly touch you though
Not the blushing, warm skin that I admired
But in the days that transpired
My heart would steadily sway and grow

One day I released you
You bobbed up and up
You floated away on the currents
Off to see the sights and such
Empowered by adventures
Ones without me
I mourned you
My red balloon
And the happiness you’d brought me

I pushed you from my mind
You returned to me in blinding light
I held you by your string again
But you no longer shone

You had deflated
You had faded
You fell
To the earth
But I loved you still
I could hold you now
And you died
In my arms


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