Composed 8/31/13
Description: Sorry for the brief hiatus. Between moving back to college and attending many fun events, I’ve not had time to sit down and write much lately. However, tonight gave me opportunity and inspiration simultaneously. It’s my second night in my apartment on campus… and all my roommates have disappeared, leaving me quite alone. And, thus, Tonight.

Embracing the warmth
Of a hug and fresh tea
Followed by twirls
And effortless leaps
Floating and gliding
Like a bird on the sea
Sadly tonight
That girl isn’t me

Listening, learning
About what’s rarely seen
Praying and working
To meet others’ needs
Doing it all
With sincerity’s gleam
Sadly tonight
That girl isn’t me

Heart pumps, excitement
A blush in her cheeks
Marveling if
He’s as great as he seems
Talking and laughing
Life’s harms seem to flee
Sadly tonight
That girl isn’t me

Trapped in a house
Strange, barren, stuffy
Pencils and paper
Her sole company
With too much time for
Indeed, tonight
That girl is me


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