Composed 11/29/11
Description: This is a poem I wrote several years ago; though, it is  one that continues to be relevant to me. I saved posting it until now (for obvious reasons).

It’s not summer when I miss you
When the sun is warm on my skin
And shining
And there’s running
And laughter
And fresh water
Splashing against my face

It’s winter
When snow falls and we bundle up
Eager for warmth
Eager to cling to each other
To sit by the fire
And hold deep conversations
While drinking hot chocolate

That is when I look up
To the sky and wonder
Where you are

It’s winter when I long for
The exhilarating rush of
The frigid wind whipping my cheeks and
Laughter as we crash
Rolling around in the snow

It’s winter
When we are thankful for each other
And eager to please others
To love
And be loved


3 thoughts on “Winter

  1. I can relate to this at the moment… I’m considering a rant/poem about how every other song on the radio is talking about mistletoe. This poem is lovely and poignant (finally a place to use that word where it makes at least a little bit of sense!). I like the pieces of contrasting details- cold water on your face and frigid snow versus mugs of hot chocolate, summer versus winter, people huddled against each other, cozy, versus the icy reality of missing someone. Perfect imagery.


    1. Thank you so much for your thoughtful comment! I greatly appreciate the feedback!

      The rant/poem about mistletoe sounds really interesting/entertaining… I say go for it!


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