Seven in Balance

Composed 1/25/14
Description: I have this friend. He’s pre-law with a biology minor, and, basically, he’s exactly how you’d picture him.  He comes from a town that is mocked for its wealthy populace, and he fits the stereotype. His father is a businessman who’s done well for himself (though, at the cost of missing many of his son’s early years), and they live in a gated community.  It’s therefore not surprising that my friend is wickedly ambitious and more than occasionally pompous in his mannerisms. Don’t get me wrong, he is very intelligent. His great loves are debate, philosophy, and science, and he’s not one to do anything halfheartedly.  He’s also one of the most ethically minded politics-aimed individuals I’ve met. And I’m not just saying that — for sure he’s got the actions to back the title of “dedicated Christian” up.

Therefore, after knowing this logical, science-dedicated dude for sometime it came as a surprise when he began excitedly describing his dear love of Eastern medicine to me. Now, remember, this guy is a biology minor; your assumption would be that he is 100% pro-empirically-supported Western medicine. Not so. If the guy gets a cold he pops some colloidal silver or thyme into his tea. Having trouble sleeping? The guy will invite you to his apartment so he can dab your temples with lavender oil or one of his other 10 varieties of jar-clad medicine. But most surprising to me and my other friends is when he gave us an informational lecture and demonstration about chakras — the “circles” of energy that are located at seven hubs along the human body. 

He described how each chakra had a color and distinct personality trait that could manifest in each of us to varying degrees depending on our personalities and situation. In addition, each chakra had a tone that activated it, and, guess what, there’s an app for that. Since then we’ve spent many-a-night listening to tones, trying to FEEL the chakras in those places along the body, and discussing which one manifested in each of our personalities the most. Of course, the main thing about chakras is that, in order to be healthy, they need to be in balance. Some can get too big, some can get blocked completely, but it is when they are all active and balanced that we receive mental and physical benefits.

Now, if you think my friend has totally lost his mind, you’re wrong. Not only has my friend discussed the evidence he’s witnessed to scientifically support the chakra theory (including his own personal experience with bad childhood asthma and his contact with a legitimate 21st century doctor who specializes in this kind of thing), but he also strongly believes in the spirituality of them. He believes our Christian God has given us these chakras, and we can use them to meditate and become closer to Him. He sees it as a very Christian thing — not something for the typical American Christian to be wary of. And if you have any questions for my friend, don’t hesitate, leave a comment and I’ll get you in contact with him; I’m sure he’d be MORE than happy to discuss his thoughts with you. He’s done more than one informational chakra session with those who have heard about his interest and have asked about it.

Anyway, all of this is to say, ever since I’ve been exposed to this information, I’ve wanted to write a poem about all the chakras and their respective characteristics. (You can look these up; there’s a lot of information online about what characteristic each chakra represents). I did this by using the color for each chakra and making an anagram poem out of it. Even if you don’t buy the chakra thing, I hope you enjoy it.

Whisper the
Hidden truths of the
I AM that
Take us to

Probe the minds of the
Reach out and feel the
Purpose of their steps
Listen and see to
Excite the mind

Burst forth from your
Lips the
Underlying truths that
Excite your heart and must be expressed

Generously love and
Reach out to
Envelop them in your
No matter the cost

Yearn and
Electrify those who
Let them cower beneath your
Overwhelming strength that
Washes over their doubt

Overwhelm me with your magical
Reckless passion
Adorn me with the sweet
Necessity that are your raw
Great words that fly from your
Ever exposed sleeve

Recognize you are
Expendable and
Defy death


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