Composed 4/7/14
Description: (Day 7 of NaPoWriMo) For my best friend.  A poem long overdue, and, yet, I still don’t think this still quite captures everything.

I remember
I remember a time when I told myself
I’d never have a friend like you
I had always lived as an outsider
With friendships of convenience

I lacked true connection
I had no knowing eyes to catch
No quick smiles to give
And no one truly valued
The offhand comments I gave them

And it’s torture
For a mind like mine
To have no place to share

I craved a place
Where someone could make
The connections

Where someone could
Understand, approve of
The foundations

But everyone I knew
Lacked interest
Or fell a few steps behind

But even as I longed
I understood my dismal fate
A lifetime of bland solitude
Mediated by distant friends
Who each time put me in second place

But almost a year to the day
A kindred spirit took a seat by my side
Just like that
My life changed

I am now one of the privileged few
Who have a warm presence that will not waver
And more
A true connection
A true kinship
To last the ages

We transfer thoughts with a glance
Humor with no words
When we speak
We understand truly
We share interests sincerely

No longer is my life a dull trudge
Through the mud of disconnection
I can smile at each day
At my future
Knowing I have a friend
With whom to share life’s joys


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