Composed 4/12/14
Description (Day 11 of NaPoWriMo) A little late, admittedly, but I really had no choice. I have been gone all day (due to a research conference and swing dancing event falling on the same day), so now has been my first chance to write.

Recently I stumbled across a kind of “did you know” fact that stated that all of the people from our dreams are people we’ve seen in real life.  Those people we’ve never met before that star in our subconscious stories are just faces from people we’ve passed on the street, etc. Now, I am not certain of the validity of this fact, but I do find this idea interesting none-the-less. I’ve come up with the romantic idea that those random strangers that find their way into our dreams are somehow important to us; if we were ever to interact with these random people we see in a crowd, a significant (and possibly romantic) relationship would form. Could it be our dreams alert us to those faces that represent one of many potential soulmates?

You see so many faces in the crowd
And you will never memorize

The shape of their eyes, the cut of their jaw
The fine, light pattern of stubble on chin
Their broad, wide noses, the hue of their lips
The length of lashes on pale eyelids

Indeed, I hardly see them
They just passed me by

On the street, in the shop, in a nearby car
And never again will their being I recall
But my dreams remember you, fair stranger
And in my dreams you are my all


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