Am I A Poet?

Composed 4/13/14
Description: (Day 13 of NaPoWriMo) A question that plagues me often.

I often question
If I am a poet

I do not have the eyes of a poet
All seeing, all knowing
Seeking detail, uncovering depth
And meshing metaphors
About the nuances in the leaves, in his eyes

I am not romantic
I do not wax eloquently on
The beauty of every flower given
Every sweet word spoken
I barely acknowledge the love
In my own life

I am too privileged to be a poet
I cannot cry out about injustice
While I dine in steakhouses
And sigh about the burns
On my soft pillow skin

I am not trained in the art
I take no classes from flaunting
Spectacled professors
Nor do I follow the patterns of rhymes
That echo in the streets

I do not follow the forms
Laid out in books composed
By timeless masters
I just bleed out
As life slashes the heart

For me
Is just the emotion
Before logic kicks in

And are we not
All emotional creatures
Yearning to release our burdened souls?

So either
I am not a poet
Or we all are


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