Composed 7/29/14
Description: n/a

“I hate exercise”
She spits the words like poison
That’s where I get it


Your Story

Composed 7/23/14
Description: n/a

I sit thinking about
The people behind the counter
The boy who brings us burgers
no pickles, no onions
and taco salad
chicken, extra jalapeños
and a traditional smile
and a
I saw you yesterday
At the store
Didn’t say hello

The boy who blends into wallpaper
but hit me like a door

Seems kind
A little funny
“I was buying pants”
He laughed at my dry, offhand remarks
And I was struck, wondered
what he did in his spare time
Gamer? Sport guy?
What does he want out of life?
College plans? Entrepreneur?
Like me, looking for his way?

Makes me wonder what would happen if I said
Hey, what’s your story, kid?

Beauty: Handle with Care

Composed 7/21/14
Description: A little something inspired by some people I know.

They’re charming gems
With the shy milky skin of classic pearls
And eyes sharp as diamonds
Their lips drip fiery rubies and
They clothe themselves in colors
As shocking and varied as all of Earth’s opals

So no one would suppose
That despite this unbending display
Of their great Mother’s confidence
That when these precious stones are touched
They break

Pure Prettiness

Composed 6/30/14
Description: For WDBWP’s poetry prompt Alphabet, in which we were to pick a letter from the alphabet and write a poem in which each word starts with that letter. It was stressed that they could (and likely would be) very silly; however, I ended up writing about something that, I think anyway, is pretty meaningful. In addition, I have been truly impressed with the length of some of these poems… but I thought my short one conveyed my meaning well enough. Hope you enjoy!

Peeking petunias pop
Pruning pride proceeding
Pompous, predominant poppies