Aurora Borealis

Photographer’s Site:

Composed 10/29/14
Description: While looking for inspiration I StumbledUpon the above photo. I had also recently come by a tumblr post that had a list of “beautiful words” one might try to integrate into writing. Well, what would be a more perfect phenomenon to describe with beautiful words than northern lights? So I used several of those words here (along with some words I just think are pretty).

Crystalline stars in countless mass
Painted onto the purest midnight blue
Encompass and shade the still and serene
Stage dancing waves of sea foam green
Ever twisting in lazy aesthetic joy

Nebulous violets join in spherical dance
Lithe pinks enchanting with their resplendent beams
Then blues like blurred, murmured mist
Ease in, wane out in casual abundance
A lullaby for passersby

And in the languid luminescence
Even our black silhouettes
Radiate splendor here


3 thoughts on “Aurora Borealis

    1. That’s definitely a dream of mine too!

      I keep hoping I might get lucky and catch them from my current location someday… but, even when we are supposed to get a glimpse, it never seems to happen :P

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