Possible You

Composed 2/27/14
Description: My LAST assignment for Writing 201: Poetry. Our final challenge was a sonnet about the future using chiasmus. I struggled and struggled about whether to go funny about future inventions or serious about the problems my whole generation faces (being forced to choose a career at a young age mixed with dreadful uncertainty about finding work, etc.)… but, in the end I thought, hey, it’s a sonnet. Let’s make it about love.

I don’t know if I’ve seen your face
Or heard sweet whispers from your lips
Likely I’ve not beheld your grace
Touched your hand, let slip a kiss

You’re not a shadow of my past
Nor a friend who walks beside
Instead, the sun in which I bask
Steady at the horizon’s line

My future’s filled with my unknowns
Though I plot and scheme to picture each
But you’re not a thing to plan or grow
You’re a questionable concept not surely reached

So I dream of a possible you each day
Of a possible you I dream and pray


4 thoughts on “Possible You

  1. This is excellent stuff! You’ve managed to write a love sonnet without being cheesy or using cliches (which is why I didn’t even go there myself!) Very well done 😀


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