Composed 5/26/15
Description: A possible companion to Sloth

Large, lumbering
Hanging out and over
Stretching, covering
Pressing, sucking in
Drowsy, stumbling
Hard and stuffed to bursting
Hiding, blushing
A constant nagging sin

Demons following
Gently coax away
With another bite


The Moment

Composed 5/28/15
Description: I’ve increasingly become aware that I fear this myself.

It couldn’t have been a more peaceful evening.

As the sun began its descent, its beams filtered in through the kitchen window and illuminated her mug-filled hands. She brought the rim to her lips and grimaced only slightly as she swallowed.

Tugging her knit sweater more closely to her willowed frame, she stared outside. It was so bright compared to her dim kitchen that she squinted to clearly see the clouds drifting in the sky, the trees easing back and forth in the breeze.

She was alone. And it was this thought that seized her when the pains came.

She had anticipated death; she did not fear the pain or the passing itself. No, she feared bring alone in The Moment. There was no one to witness, to hold, to say goodbye. She would just be found, gone. No one would see her, speak with her again. Her lasts were finalized, and no one was coming to whisper sweet thoughts as she transitioned into that universally Unknown Place.

So she was afraid. As the mug broke, as she crouched to the floor, as she moaned and laid down, belly up, she was lonely, and she was afraid. It seemed such a cruel fate to live so fully, to have family, to make friends, and die abandoned and alone.

She died in the dark. She died sad.

It wasn’t until then that she could see the beaming silhouette standing beside her. He wore a white cloak – heavy, hooded, and warm. He offered his hand, and she took it. She stood and looked down at The Body and started to cry. But he brushed the tears from her cheek, and she realized she had never really been alone.

The Song

Composed 5/27/15
Description: For now at least it is a beautiful day, and I am sitting out on my deck enjoying the sun and the ceaseless sound of wind rushing through the trees… resulting in this poem. Fun fact: this is my first time posting to my blog from my phone!

The wind roars
It sings to me
The most beautiful of songs
Uplifting melodies of hope
Drowning out all thought
I can only marvel
At its whispers, its crescendos
It sings of running, adventures, sunlight
It pushes me to dreams unknown
I’m a child of the wind
I long to hear its voice
So when it calls I escape
To a quiet place
And listen

The Truth Is

Composed 5/21/15
Description: Sometimes we want something… but really we don’t.

I desire to dislike you
I dream of your demise
I fantasize of your shortcomings
Your angry voice, your lies
I long to smirk, outsmart you
To bow to awed applause
I want to see you back away
When I reveal my claws

But the truth is I don’t know you
Perhaps your eyes are not disguise
I’d rather be seen as your friend
Than one hated, criticized
I don’t want that guilt held in my chest
When I speak those fiery words
I’d rather just reach out and bless
To feel peaceful and secure

Because the truth is I don’t know you
And karma is our ruthless fate
So I will always accept you
After all
We each make mistakes

The Hospital

Composed 5/14/15
Description: My uncle recently had surgery, and my family took him to a clinic to help his recovery. The clinic was located in a hospital unfamiliar to all of us. Huge and located near downtown, it seemed different than any hospital I’ve been to. As I waited with my dad at one end of the hallway, I penned this poem under the light drifting in through the window.

The sterile hall is lined with skid marks
The whole place seems abandoned
Just a few wander bemused
Like they got sucked into a vortex
And ended up here

I could wander these halls for days
Until I fall
Into a daze
Light tries to make it through
But it just shows the dirt
The shadow
The implicit grunge

What happened here?
How long until we’re tossed
Out the windows?


Composed 5/5/15
Description: n/a

You think you’re fire
A hot, alluring force
Unique, endless light
But you’re an explosion
You shock
You burn
You blind
Once they flocked to you but
Your deception is not subtle
So they run
No one wants to burn and die
Is it strange we hide?


Composed 5/5/15
Description: This is what you get when you read Frank Peretti I guess.

Is it angels or demons probing my mind tonight? I feel as if there are words that need to be spoken, rhythms and rhymes that must flow from my mind. It craves release.

But do I long for pride? Or does the Spirit nudge my pen to action?

My mind jumps from topic to topic. Why can’t I nail down the urge? Do demons cling to weigh down my wrestling? Do I listen to the calming voice of distraction? Does the Divine suggest mistake?

The Presence is so inside me. It is not here in this room, beside. No, the struggle is so clearly in mind – the battleground most oft trodden for me.

Is my conviction ill-fated? A nasty snip rather than a constructive flow? Perhaps I’ll never know.

But there is a fight, somewhere. Perhaps I’m only scratching the outside layer of the fight. I am not educated, confronted. Not yet. This is only the preparation, the training. Only moving in unconscious.

Who is my Teacher? I hope to be wary of demons, deceivers. Be with me, Lord, if not already. Help me see.


Composed 5/12/15
Description: n/a

I feel so empty
After release
So much tension
Finally appeased
But what comes next?
What’s my true goal?
I now work for nothing
I shield a hollow soul

What happens when my tasks are complete?
What happens when I check off my list?
Expected tasks dutifully performed
I lack direction
Ignorant of my gifts

Freedom is my burden
Opportunity wasted in this life
I cling to established rhythms
Scared to color outside the lines

But now I feel so empty
When my day is done
I just hope there is a Plan for me
I hope I’m not the one only

Have a Cup

Composed 5/6/15
Description: In response to the Daily Prompt for today, which asked “If a restaurant were to name something after you, what would it be?” Sounded fun, so I gave it a try. Fun, but I felt like I was trying to write a clever ad for a dating website! Went with one of one of my favorite drinks.

Come take a taste
Of our special today – Kathleen
Twisting up the classics
With hot chocolate – salted but sweet

Start with a glass of milk
Heated to warm up your day
Add a package of sweet cocoa powder
And stir thoroughly – don’t you dare shake
Then add a pinch of salt
Just enough to give it a bite
Mellow it down with mini marshmallows
A pale, fluffy, delicious sight

Melt with the warmth
Let the chocolate bring a smile
Salt will keep you on your toes
Marshmallows fill up your inner child

Come, relax with me
It’s perfect year round, you’ll see
An always rewarding treat
That cup full of Kathleen


Composed 5/3/15
Description: n/a

It’s somewhere just beyond the curtain
Whispered in the lyrics of a favorite song
It’s the cool breath on my neck at night
The stars placed boldly in the sky
A message
A thousand tiny clues hidden in your eyes
My fingertips grasp the sensation
An impression humming in memory
But words fail me