Have a Cup

Composed 5/6/15
Description: In response to the Daily Prompt for today, which asked “If a restaurant were to name something after you, what would it be?” Sounded fun, so I gave it a try. Fun, but I felt like I was trying to write a clever ad for a dating website! Went with one of one of my favorite drinks.

Come take a taste
Of our special today – Kathleen
Twisting up the classics
With hot chocolate – salted but sweet

Start with a glass of milk
Heated to warm up your day
Add a package of sweet cocoa powder
And stir thoroughly – don’t you dare shake
Then add a pinch of salt
Just enough to give it a bite
Mellow it down with mini marshmallows
A pale, fluffy, delicious sight

Melt with the warmth
Let the chocolate bring a smile
Salt will keep you on your toes
Marshmallows fill up your inner child

Come, relax with me
It’s perfect year round, you’ll see
An always rewarding treat
That cup full of Kathleen


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