Composed 12/9/15
Description: Ah! The semester is over, which means, yes, less on my mind and more time to write… for the time being. Hopefully, this means I will push out some more poetry in the coming days. For now, here’s this.

It is different for us
And difference is a pleasant dream
When we find ourselves alone
Alone we feel no need to run
But sink-in, relax, think, and feel

We are survivors
When the world around us dies
Indeed, we thrive
Independent, often confident, unafraid
When abandoned or betrayed we

When found we relinquish control
And let others in for a time yet
Off put with insecurity
Hands clinging with poverty

Do you really crave
Separation from your own mind?


5 thoughts on “Hermit

      1. I’m an introverted show-off, which doesn’t work, because it makes me loook extroverted, and then people want my company. It came about by accident, through trying to cover up extreme shyness.


        1. I feel that a bit. I love being around my friends and no one would think I am introverted, because I am energized by them. But I need my alone time to relax and recharge. It’s like being around people is like receiving a shot of sugar, and I crash after.

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