While Driving

Composed 12/21/15
Description: For today’s Daily Prompt: Share the story of a time you felt unsafe.

Trusting I put my life in
Your hand but you grab
Not the wheel but your
Lover your cocaine your
Ever present addictions
If you fail to value your
Own life can you not set
Aside pleasure for mine
When eyes       flit away
I fear hit distrust dislike


5 thoughts on “While Driving

  1. Sitting in a car with a coke-head at the wheel..
    I shudder to think how scary that would feel.
    Your poem made me stop for a moment in time
    so I started pressing buttons and uncovered this rhyme.

    Sorry. All I really wanted to say was that this poem was great. It made me shudder.

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      1. No cocaine. That’s good. It makes people obnoxious; arrogant and irresponsible, but then, that’s what you’re talking about…
        Good metaphor. I wish drugs were no more than a metaphor in my home town…


          1. Millions of lives are torn apart by street drugs…
            It’s my specialist subject, and it needs to be talked about everywhere, not just by addicts, but by their families too.
            That was what my blog was supposed to be about, but I keep getting carried away…


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