The Cloak is a Dagger

Composed 1/3/16
Description: For today’s Daily Prompt, New Sensation: Describe your favorite fashions from days of yore or current trends you think are stylin’. Thus, I describe my favorite thing to wear right now: a long, swishy hoodie I received for Christmas. I must admit… I like this one.





7 thoughts on “The Cloak is a Dagger

  1. This is awesome, describing perfectly how you can be magically transformed by the right garment. It reminds me of when I was a student nurse, about a million years ago. Back then we used to be issued dark blue capes to wear outdoors, and we were all dying to put the the capes round our shoulders, and spin round, watching it swish around, secretly pretending to be dark and mysterious, but we were all too coooool to admit to it.

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      1. Good. You should revel in it. I have several friends who go to role playing camps a couple of times a year. They get to be serfs, warlocks and dark princesses from a fantasy world for a couple of days, then they put on their normal clothes and go home refreshed, planning for the next time. I’ve been invited along, but it’s not my thing. Is there any opportunity for anything like that where you are?

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          1. Steampunk – that has got to be the most exciting thing that has ever happened to clothes! Some of that stuff is amazing, and of course, it’s not just the clothes. I’ve seen some incredible steampunk guitars, for example… It’s true art.


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