Someone’s Amortentia

Composed 3/9/16
Description: If this appeals to you, you might be in love with me. Just saying.

For Blogging the Senses.

Red, silk sheets, exposed under thick comforters
Dented in the presence of a basking, drowsy cat
A slightly husky, very warm, animal, living smell

Pulling out that old t-shirt
Soft, almost see-through, traveling between each winding finger
As you bring it up, inhale, lavender
Snuggle to be precise

A hot, dry day
That t-shirt, cut-off jean shorts
Wet hair, silky calves, an aura
Of soft, sweet cherry blossoms

A familiar home filled
With old wood, antique carpet
Knick-knacks, slightly dusty and
Bread, cookies, still baking

Don’t imagine
Breathe, smell it, sense it
It’s real, it’s here, it’s


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