Composed 4/11/16
Description: For Day 11 of NaPoWriMo. A fun little story based on true events. An all too-common occurrence, I’m afraid.

The room has been swept of clutter
Clothes hung and tucked away in drawers
The others have vanished into their room for slumber
And I recline on the bare carpet
Reveling in minimalism and peace
The reward of a good housekeeper

The cookie-color ceiling holds a surprise
A black dot
But bigger than a dot
Yes the menace hovers above desk and bed
Waiting for his unsuspecting prey
But not today

A deep breath
Boot in hand
I stand on precarious desk and chair
I swat
It falls
I run for the hills
But it has fallen
Onto the desk

I sweep it up
And listen to the sound of the flush
The reward of a fine warrior


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