Face It

Composed 5/5/16
Description: For Writing 101. Today’s theme is “Face” and the suggested device is alliteration. I might have gone a bit crazy with that last part, but it was fun!

Let’s face it
The facade you frequent is often fake
An alternative awareness aimed to amaze
To make a case, cease concerns about confidence
Even though every day is a struggle with esteem
Maybe someday you’ll face it
And we’ll face each other honestly


9 thoughts on “Face It

          1. Sometimes – I did the A to Z challenge recently, and I was dreading X – but when I came to it I wrote the most inspired poem I’ve come up with for a long time. It gave me the answer to something I’ve been asking myself since I was about eight years old.

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            1. Yeah! Don’t get me wrong, some forced-out things I don’t like as well as some of the stuff that comes naturally, but you do get those little surprises that jump out at you once in awhile!

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