Composed 5/10/16
Description: For Day 5 of Writing 101, in which we were to write a limerick around the theme “imperfect.” After much consideration I decided to write about one of the things that plagues me constantly.

In the morning she hopped in the shower
Brushed and dressed in an hour
She arrived at her date
Not one second late
But forgot her purse by the flowers


3 thoughts on “Preoccupation

    1. That’s never fun. I haven’t locked myself out of too many places but my roommates would make fun of me because I would almost always have to run back in the room to grab my jacket or phone or something…

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      1. Luckily I live on my own, so when I have to dash back -approximately two times out of three – only the security camaras catch it, and they haven’t yet been fitted with gadgets that giggle at me :)


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