To a Second Story Window

Composed 5/13/16
Description: Day 9, several days late, but I have had an extremely busy weekend filled with work and orientation for my practicum, which was the thing that inspired this poem. The theme was “landscape,” the suggested device apostrophe.

Thank you, second story window
For the change in perspective
I was trapped within a cityscape
Crammed with meetings, responsibility
But you changed reality
Instead of sidewalks
I see treetops
The barest glimpse of a concrete wall overtaken
Like the city went to ruin
And nature bloomed overnight
Ivy, green, everything
Overrun by inevitable apocalypse
Now adventure awaits out there
Just outside your view


7 thoughts on “To a Second Story Window

  1. I can relate to this poem. Years ago one of the roads that leads out of our town was widened to take heavy traffic. I used to walk along it. There were houses on the right, and a big, ugly, block of flats on the left, behind an avenue of trees which I never really appreciated because I only saw the trunks. Last year I moved to the top floor of that ugly block. The actual flat is lovely. My living room window looks across at the trees – they’re all different species and they’re beautiful. My laptop is in front of the window, and as I write, I glance at them many times throughout the day. To the right I can see acres of field and sky. It’s lovely, and so is your poem.

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