A Letter to Humans in 2016

Composed 8/24/16
Description: Long overdue, this is for all of you.

to get bogged down
by the blood and the lies
and the heart tearing pain
how could we ever escape it?
it is everywhere though
we try to avoid it
in our hands in our eyes in
every conversation
like an epidemic that
bleeds us dry

but this
this is why
we must make time for beauty

on days when darkness permeates
into our very soul we must
make an effort to make our hearts
erupt in song, in light
we must shine out from the inside
to make something
even if it’s just a smile
even if it’s only yours

can’t you see that we will die
if we hide beauty behind the lies
if we stop and never smile?
beauty is what renews the soul when
it’s been poisoned
beauty is what gives us hope
and not the false beauty that drags us down but
the art of a sincere soul

let your soul breathe
in beauty
it’s not an option it’s not
a silly hobby it’s
essential to life
don’t be tempted to
stifle it
don’t think it’s a poor use of time
to embrace it
we need it

make it
savor it
you might just
save us


Autumn Ghosts

Composed 8/17/16
Description: For today’s Daily Prompt: Ghost. I have written about ghosts in various intensities many times (see some here and here), but this time it is inspired by some fears that have become particularly salient today.

as the leaves shrivel and
the breezes return the
ghosts slip through the cracks in waves and
rest on my shoulder
breathing fear onto my neck
their deep, raspy voices whisper doubts into my ear
my body is poison
my mind a thundering electric storm
it’s all I can do to curl up hold on and
stop myself from retching all of me
I shrivel with the leaves
shiver with the breeze

not all ghosts are demons
with the light comes
color and some warmth
the waves of evil spirits halt and
the messengers gently descend on their beams of sunlight
and I remember
I have conquered this evil before
why else do they
feel the need to
scare me?

Carry Wisely

Composed 8/16/16
Description: For today’s Daily Prompt: Carry. Inspired by a timely quote from today.

One of those spurts of spontaneous wisdom
Don’t buy more than you can carry
It was, in fact, related to groceries
But carrying carries more meaning

Shall I take on your problems
Hold them close to my chest
And lift them up as best as I can
Alongside the daily stress I carry
And my thoughts and the worries
Of others, so many?

What if I drop you all over the floor?
Or bruise my own body
As I fall to the ground
And sacrifice myself as I try to manage
The world?

What good does it do you
If I buy in but can’t manage?
What good does it do me
If I buy in when it destroys me?

You cannot carry everything
So choose and
Carry wisely

One of those spurts of spontaneous wisdom
Don’t buy more than you can carry
For you might demolish something
More important than groceries


Composed 8/2/16
Description: n/a

There’s something romantic
About those hard gray songs with
Their open, blunt, and silly words
That play loud on short road trips
That somehow connect to me

I wish I could write you one
And sneak it onto the airways
Lace it with words that would spell your name
As the DJ gave you mine

Feel the guitar riffs through your finger tips
As the bass resets your heart
Let the sound sink in and please you
Let the energy radiate, make you grin
I hope it’s a song you’ll hear again

You’ve been hidden in static speakers
Muffled and compressed
Loving hands hid your complexity and sound
And the radio censored your messages

Now do I listen only because I can?
Have I been bewitched simply by the sound?
Perhaps I’ve fallen into the music and lost my ground
And now I hesitate
This could be my favorite song or perhaps you’re just
An alternative