Composed 8/2/16
Description: n/a

There’s something romantic
About those hard gray songs with
Their open, blunt, and silly words
That play loud on short road trips
That somehow connect to me

I wish I could write you one
And sneak it onto the airways
Lace it with words that would spell your name
As the DJ gave you mine

Feel the guitar riffs through your finger tips
As the bass resets your heart
Let the sound sink in and please you
Let the energy radiate, make you grin
I hope it’s a song you’ll hear again

You’ve been hidden in static speakers
Muffled and compressed
Loving hands hid your complexity and sound
And the radio censored your messages

Now do I listen only because I can?
Have I been bewitched simply by the sound?
Perhaps I’ve fallen into the music and lost my ground
And now I hesitate
This could be my favorite song or perhaps you’re just
An alternative


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