Composed 9/7/17
Description: A belated response to the Daily Prompt: Anticipate.

If only I could anticipate your conversations
I could practice interactions to simulate elation
For I yearn to be in your good graces
To be admired — not one of a million faces
All I can do is watch your reactions
But I black out after failures to muster attraction
They seem to offer only confirmation
That your mind is engaged with other fixations


5 thoughts on “Anticipation

  1. been there, done it, watched the video,
    how it hurts I do not kid you
    apart from getting down on bending knee
    or writing notes, begging, look at me
    what I did was no longer pretend
    walked right up and said “Be my friend”
    48 years later here I am
    a loving wife, a family man
    believe in yourself, and it will be
    that one day you’ll end up like me.
    in love, 48 years of happiness
    but oft we were put to the test
    if love is true it will win each time
    I’m still hers, and she’s still mine
    © MET 17/66

    the truth
    make it yours
    you’ll have fun :)

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