Hello there!

You’ve come here seeking an informative and possibly interesting explanation of this blog’s purpose. However, there is honestly not much to say. I’ve been writing for a long time (though there are long bouts of neglect apparent in that time period), and, lately, I’ve been writing more than usual. Therefore, I’ve developed the yearning to put all my (good/decent/not horrible) writing in one place, not only for my own vanity, but also so that others may read what I’ve come up with, hopefully enjoy it, and comment on it if they wish.

This blog also serves a therapeutic purpose. The writing I get most excited about is often that which is relevant to my life at the time — writing that describes what is going on in my life or simply my feelings. (Things I seem to have a lot of lately, hence the increase in production). While the writing itself is indeed therapeutic, there is an additional satisfaction to posting it somewhere, where someone else can read it and, perhaps, relate.

As a natural consequence, this collection of writing will probably tend to have a journalistic feel. Another aspect I am looking forward to is seeing how my life, and therefore the subjects and way that I write, changes. Already I can see it taking that turn. For much of my writing career I have focused much on fiction and prose (usually of a fantasy or sci-fi nature); however, I seem to be moving into a time of non-fiction poetry. So we shall see how that goes.

So why is the blog called Scraps of Paper?

Ideas are fickle things — coming up when you least expect them and vanishing just as quickly. It pains me to think of the ideas that have flown out through my ears after I’ve vowed to “not forget that.” And with most of my emotionally-fueled pieces, the feeling I wish to express is often gone by the time I schedule a writing session. Therefore, many of these writings in their original or preliminary forms are hastily scribbled in a cheap notebook or, indeed, scrawled on post it notes, napkins, receipts, place mats, etc.

I found it only appropriate to name this collection of original poetry and prose for what it really is — scraps of paper.

Thank you so much for checking this out! I hope you enjoy what you see.



18 thoughts on “About

  1. All the best with your blog and thank you for visiting and following mine. I’ve only just started reading and like what I’ve read so far. I particularly like your idea of letting your “non-fiction poetry” serve as a kind of record of your experiences and responses to those experiences.


    1. Thank you very much for visiting and commenting! I’m glad you’ve enjoyed what you’ve read so far; I have enjoyed your stories as well and look forward to reading more.

      I have found poetry to be an effective method of recording my experiences. One time I wrote a poem about an emotional situation, and then began writing a journalistic prose piece about the situation as well. However, I stopped, looked back on the poem I had written, and deleted the prose piece. The poem, I realized, said it better than a rant ever would.

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  2. OK. So. I’ve been wondering why I never get email alerts about your posts. It turns out I wasn’t following you – which is odd, because I could have sworn I clicked that button ages ago…


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