The Web

Composed 3/27/15
Description: “… and just watch him hang himself on his web of lies!”

Silk strings trail behind you
To trip and tangle, choke and bind
You think they’re tempting pillows
But it’s just a web of lies

You think you dance on strings unstuck
While we all meet our demise
You’ve not yet had them harm you
But you’re just like us, a fly

You think you’ve entrapped each of us
But the circle only winds
Around each and every place you go
And you’re the one inside

One day when you turn around
All you’ll see is white
It will have blocked us all from view
And you’ll fall, no friends to find

Then you’ll hang, new lesson learned
Despite the skill and time
No good will e’er befall you
When you spin a web of lies


Positive Poles

Composed 11/22/13
Description: n/a

You’re repelled
Because you see
Confidence, intelligence
A longing to be touched
Silly jokes and too-wide grins
In me

And despite your arrogance
You do not crave your own love
It scares you
That you might lose a battle
That you may discover your flaws in me

You might succumb
To the razor of my tongue
Leaving yours shredded
And your identity no more
You might be found lost
In my heart that has no holes
You have no place
To hide

You want to marvel at your own traits
You need
One buried in uncertainty and
Craving your wisdom
One who delights in attention
But needs it not
So it fails to be

You desire
A sweet balance to
Occasional instability
Lest you be faced with your own
Exaggerated tendencies
With me you’d find
That you are inside
What I so clearly display

So you’re repelled
Scared to lose a battle
Scared to see your flaws
And there’s no fighting that
When we’re both positive poles