Composed 2/24/15
Description: For Writing 201: Day 7. The theme was fingers, the form prose poetry, and the device assonance.

The prose poetry bit turned out to be more of a challenge than I anticipated. This perhaps stemmed from my constant indecision as to where to take the theme. In the end, I settled with this, which I am fairly pleased with. Though, I think my favorite poem about fingers/hands will for a long time be the one I wrote about books.

My lips release sounds clipped for consumption. My fingers confess the words of my heart. My lips filter and lie. They provide alibies for the desires of my heart. My fingers lack such constriction. Instead they dance and fly. They run full out. My fingers are the connection between brain and heart; they are my most vital artery.

Do you want to know me? Forget the sounds I make. Read the ends of my fingers. There you will find me. Do not speak your love; I know lips lie. Instead, lace your fingers in mine and never let go.