Composed 4/4/17
Description: Ah, yes, thanks to school and social distractions I am off to a GREAT start with NaPoWriMo… Three days behind. But it will be remedied! To start… yes, I wrote a poem about the giraffe. (My friends made me?)

april the giraffe shape poem



Composed 1/24/17
Description: This is legit coffee-shop poetry, folks.  Inspired by life and today’s prompt: devastation.

I had never felt such devastation
Than when your interest was happily overtaken
When your eyes and your words were strangers

I had never felt such elevation
Than when you sought me out and
Cleared out a space for me

I am baffled by your chosen preoccupations
How one day is so unlike the next


Composed 4/1/16
Description: I admit it. The last few days I have been incredibly obsessed with Miitomo, the new social media app from Nintendo. Thus, I thought it appropriate to write about it this day, the first day of NaPoWriMo.

It has always been our desire
To mimic God and
Create in our own image

Is it any surprise
That we all swarm
To put our fake selves in a box
Dress them up and send them out
For all the world to see?

Take a picture
Look at me!
Stop by, dwell, talk, and read
See what I made
We all need to be
Looked at sometimes


Composed: 1/10/14
Description: I am increasingly coming to find that, when I am with people, I am extremely auditory.  I listen.  But visually? One of my greatest weaknesses is inattention.

My blindness is not black
It’s a cross-eyed blur
I’m lost in the sounds
And in the maze of my mind
I hear
And forget to see
Forget reality
And then again I fall behind
I’m awake just

It’s a Compliment, Really

Composed 1/6/14
Description: In response to today’s Daily Prompt Simply the Best, which asked: “When and where do you do your best thinking?”

For me, my best thinking is actually done when I am WITH people. People — what they do, what they say — kick my thought processes into gear. Oftentimes, it later (or quickly) emerges as a story or poem; other times, it just gives me something to chew on for awhile. Thus the necessity for a notebook or phone to make notes on at any given moment.  However, I realize this is also a bad habit, because it often seems like I’m not paying attention…

Please don’t be offended
When I glance away
And carefully note the space above your shoulder

Please don’t be offended
When my eyes cross
And my replies are monotone murmurs

Please don’t be offended
When I whisk out a pen
Or my phone to type

Please don’t be offended
You’ve inspired me
And I focus on things I like