Drop Dead, Gorgeous

Composed 3/15/16
Description: Today was an even 68 degrees, sunshine… For today’s Daily Prompt: Drop.

It was a drop dead gorgeous day a day that
made you feel light awake invincible
it was easier to breathe that day
easier fun to busy about
even work felt good
but now I stall and
just want to



Walking in the Valley

Composed 4/14/13
Description: It was beautiful outside today, so I decided to go for a walk. It turned out to be very inspiring. About every ten feet I thought of a new line, stopped, and typed it into my phone (because of course I had failed to bring a single scrap of paper or a writing utensil).

Beautiful days
When I’m walking alone
That’s what I crave
A hand to hold

Long slender fingers
And mostly not talking
Focused too much
On nature and walking

Occasional laughing
Words in my ear
Lovely, sweetheart,
Darling, dear

Some people watching
But mostly alone
Ignoring the beeps and blurps
Of our phones

Marveling life
And single red roses
Til raindrops fall
On our cheeks and our noses

Chasing and racing
Until we find cover
And smiles –
Just glad to have one another

Back to reality
A gust of cold
All just words
Crammed into my phone