Composed 1/28/15
Description: Lazy days are bittersweet.

I say it’s self reward
To laze about for a morning
A method to recharge
For life
Days ahead


My mind empties
Parts of me waste away and
I die

I am reincarnated
Seeing colors more brightly
Trees, landscapes, sunshine for the first time
And I anguish that I had to die to live
That I had to waste years in comatose to see
Life is beautiful and adventure exists
I just have to will to take the day to live it



Composed 4/23/14
Description: (Day 23 of NaPoWriMo) I was struck by everything I saw blooming today. Everything suddenly seems to be bursting in color as if to shout to me, “Yes! It really IS spring!”

And yet, despite the vibrant joy nature demonstrates at the moment, I still feel a little fuzzy and… disconnected. I should be as happy as the scenery around me, but… I’m just not. I’m graduating in just a few weeks, and, while that’s wonderful, it’s forbidding and sad too. And that’s when I noticed that the beautiful, freshly blooming trees already had petals scattered all over the ground.

This spring I am
The magnolia trees
Even in their silken white splendor
They weep