Morning Transformation

Composed 8/6/17
Description: A poem inspired by life and befitting of today’s daily prompt: Shimmer.

I emerge from the fog
The cold wind rushes
I look into the glass
A winter princess
Pale as a fairy in Christmas snow
Dark eyes unobstructed and
As piercing as skin is soft
Wrapping a clean toga about my shoulders and chest
I am realized as
A true Roman goddess
A sweet, succulent, but stoic power
That hides as mere mortals pass by in ignorance
I venture onward and
Become ruddy as a barbarian warrior
Warming at the bonfire on a starry night
Smoke ascending
After days of glorious battle
With glasses donned and costume fastened
I become a mildly freckled intellectual
A classic brunette
Clark Kent (or Lois Lane)
Ready to emerge forth and
Save the day


City Block

Composed 9/29/16
Description: It’s been awhile, but the words still jump out at me, especially now that autumn calls!

When cigarette and coffee smoke
Are dancing in the air
When schools of people swarm around
Like you’re not even there
When police patrols and flashing lights
Set hearts a-pounding, scared
When hot asphalt, manicured grass
The cool breeze makes aware
It’s then you pull your jacket tight
Walk like a queen and dare

It’s like something could happen
And even if it never does
You still have now begun the dream
And you still feel it
On your skin

Ridiculously Good Tasting

Composed 11/9/15
Description: I had a moment of inspiration at Taco Bell today when my friend dumped a handful of sauce packets on the table. Due to the craptasticness of this picture (click for a larger size), I have also provided a translation.

Taco Bell Found Poem

You won’t, you won’t, sauce responsibly
This is my good side, yes, no, maybe
Born saucy, you know you want me
Challenge accepted, I’m your main squeeze

On Apologies

Composed 5/1/15
Description: My last, slightly belated entry for NaPoWriMo. This month has been a course in writing when not necessarily inspired. Which is great, because I think there’s always something of note we can write about during each day — even if we have to blow it out of proportion a little more than we might necessarily do during a light reminisce.

we spend too much time apologizing
for being who we are
hushing up and analyzing
after every sentence that seems to fall short

don’t make up unless you’ve done wrong
don’t assume your feelings match reality
a constant stream of I’m sorries
is not endearing

have an opinion
state it
do what you believe is right
don’t regret it
inquire of uncertainties
but apology is not a default reaction
seeking forgiveness is not always necessary

listen to me
I do not lie
don’t throw yourself at my feet
when I walk through mud unoffended
I don’t want it
I want your confidence


Composed 4/28/15
Description: Fallen off the NaPoWriMo bandwagon a little bit. (Late nights with friends get in the way of writing sometimes.) However, I intend to make it up!

With some things I write, I feel there is something distinctly musical about it… This is one of those pieces.

I could drag you home in irons, babe
I could sell myself a god
I could work and flirt and twist you up
With a silver coated tongue
You’d forget your name and play my game
Days and weeks of fun
But you’d be used in the end abused
Myself a hollow, bitter love

Got to keep my eyes onto the skies
Not rolling down your spine
Keep my lips a drip with love
Not lies that falsely fill me up

Doing all the wrong things could get me far
But it wouldn’t get me anywhere
I won’t lose my pride
I won’t lose my soul
I don’t need sweet words to make me whole
The only way to happiness
Is a soft and sure quick confidence
The comes from heart and sky

On the Other Side

Composed 4/28/14
Description: (Day 27 of NaPoWriMo) Yes, I know what you’re thinking; I missed yesterday. Whoops! But trust me when I say this weekend has been one of the busiest of my life! With my last semester of college winding down, I am drowning in projects, tests, and activities. Yet, despite that (or perhaps because it’s over) I’m having a great day! Oh yes, it’s a Monday, and it rained all morning, but it only inspired probably the happiest and most soulful poem/song I’ve ever written… So enjoy!

(And I do intend to write another poem today to make up for yesterday… so stay tuned!)

Rainy day mornings don’t drag on me
‘Cause the rain’s just a portion of an April’s spring
And I broke my umbrella and my hair is damp
But heart’s oozing warm like a kerosene lamp

‘Cause I’ve got hands to hold and I’ve got kisses to give
And I know who I am so I can really live
And no matter what troubles come out at night
I know the sun’s just waiting on the other side

Afternoon thunders don’t frighten me
‘Cause the flowers still bloom and the grass is still green
And the clock keeps ticking through the rain and sun
And I know I’ll be dancing when the storm is done

‘Cause I’ve got hands to hold and I’ve got kisses to give
And I know who I am so I can really live
And no matter what troubles come out at night
I know the sun’s just waiting on the other side

Windy evenings don’t frustrate me
Though it tousles my hair and sweeps me off my feet
‘Cause though the wind blows me across the way
I’ll be laughing it up as I float through the day

‘Cause I’ve got hands to hold and I’ve got kisses to give
And I know who I am so I can really live
And no matter what troubles come out at night
I know the sun’s just waiting on the other side


Composed: 7/7/13
Description: A thought I had several days ago at work and recently put into poetry.

Nothing is wrong with Violet
She strolls in the rain with mature grace
While humming
Dreaming of sunsets
And dancing in the twilight
A hat full of silver at her feet

She meets Yellow
A fellow who laughs with the stars
Until moonlight shines
On his dreamy smile
And he skips in the sunlight
Embracing bundles of wheat for market

They seem more full, more vibrant
When placed side by side
Not because he completes her
Or she completes him

Love does not complete you
It complements you