Composed 5/3/16
Description: So I kinda fell short of my NaPoWriMo goal, but considering this last week was filled with finals and a comic convention that involved many late nights… I still consider 24 out of 30 to be a pretty good record!

Anyway, said comic convention and other news made me think of the following poem, which I guess boils down to this: Have you ever wanted to be friends with a famous person?

Your fame is not why I like you
Nor even the reason for your fame
But rather because when you smile
It’s my smile
And your words make me think and laugh
It’s an innate understanding
That easy conversations would ensue
But you’re untouchable and even then only
Touched with suspicion
It makes me wish that we were born
In another time in place
Maybe then there would be space between us
And we’d fill it with friendship

Just Listening

Composed 4/25/14
Description: n/a

I live through the ears
My eyes       dart
I can pretend
I can plead
If I don’t see their faces
But my heart l o n g s
For true connection
Heat, anger, love, affection
Desires of risk
And my eyes are rapid
Sensors of emotion
My heart a muscle of pure empathy
It hurts to see
Do I live with the pain?
Or die empty?
An outsider


Composed 4/7/14
Description: (Day 7 of NaPoWriMo) For my best friend.  A poem long overdue, and, yet, I still don’t think this still quite captures everything.

I remember
I remember a time when I told myself
I’d never have a friend like you
I had always lived as an outsider
With friendships of convenience

I lacked true connection
I had no knowing eyes to catch
No quick smiles to give
And no one truly valued
The offhand comments I gave them

And it’s torture
For a mind like mine
To have no place to share

I craved a place
Where someone could make
The connections

Where someone could
Understand, approve of
The foundations

But everyone I knew
Lacked interest
Or fell a few steps behind

But even as I longed
I understood my dismal fate
A lifetime of bland solitude
Mediated by distant friends
Who each time put me in second place

But almost a year to the day
A kindred spirit took a seat by my side
Just like that
My life changed

I am now one of the privileged few
Who have a warm presence that will not waver
And more
A true connection
A true kinship
To last the ages

We transfer thoughts with a glance
Humor with no words
When we speak
We understand truly
We share interests sincerely

No longer is my life a dull trudge
Through the mud of disconnection
I can smile at each day
At my future
Knowing I have a friend
With whom to share life’s joys