Give Me Your Words

Composed 4/26/16
Description: Often I wish my friends had real blogs, not just social media accounts. Social media can be informative, but what do they really tell you about someone? Social media platforms have very specific structures and formats that must be adhered to. You must have a Facebook timeline, your tweet has to be 140 characters or less. While that often can inspire creativity, I am always ravenously curious about what someone would do if they were given a blank webpage and told to “go for it!” Yes, this probably stems from the curious, extremely nosey part of me – the part that wants to know everyone’s inner life, the part of me that wants to read their journals so to speak… But another part of me just wants me to see what people would do, how they talk to themselves, what they’re like…

For Day 24 of NaPoWriMo.

We’re so used to little blurbs
an update pic or joke
superficial snippets tiny
holes into your day
but I lack what I crave most
depth into your mind the
way you speak your sentences
that creativity tendency to be so
uniquely you
I want to hear your rants opinions
I want to throw you into unknown situations
and let you run free with a keyboard
with so many outlets I have so little insight
into your mind
would you be so kind
share that guilty pleasure the
random synapse strings that cross and flow
and emote
I feel that to really know you I need you to
give me your words

Just Jotting Down Notes

Composed 9/28/13
Description: One that’s been in my possession a few weeks or so, but just polished today.

You don’t notice my gaze
Filling with notes
Hording them like love letters

Deft and swift strokes
On my mind’s notebook
Stuffed into the depths
Never to be found

For my conclusions
So ominous
Rejection so ready on your tongue
The poison to seep into the air of our meetings

My stare wavers
Off to new sights
Though my mind stays steady

Do with it what you wish
It’s just a match
Lying in the road
A potential

Ignore it
Or catch my stare
Look into my eyes
And tell me your heart
And I will tell you mine