Composed 1/28/15
Description: Lazy days are bittersweet.

I say it’s self reward
To laze about for a morning
A method to recharge
For life
Days ahead


My mind empties
Parts of me waste away and
I die

I am reincarnated
Seeing colors more brightly
Trees, landscapes, sunshine for the first time
And I anguish that I had to die to live
That I had to waste years in comatose to see
Life is beautiful and adventure exists
I just have to will to take the day to live it



Today Sammi, our dog of nearly 14 years, died. She died with her ears still sticking up.

Some things I will always remember about my puppy: Taking her home the first night. Racing her up the stairs. The way she would get randomly hyper and run around the house. The way she knew when I was sad and made me laugh. The way I could get her ears to stick up by raising the pitch of my voice. How even she knew that wet, rolled up towels are a scary thing. How she always knew when dad was out getting breakfast and would wait eagerly for him (and bacon) to return. How she was always so warm and smelled like a dog, but I loved it. She loved toasting outside in the sun. She loved to have her ears scratched.

I don’t think she ever lived up to her name (Samantha means “obedient”), but she was a sweet, loving dog, and from that first night she was my baby. She will be missed very much.

This morning, when all seemed normal, I called her over and she laid down and rested her head on my foot. Totally randomly, I took a few pictures of her. I only wish now they had been better pictures.

Rest in Peace, Sammi. Thank you for being a part of my life.



Composed 7/18/13
Description: My response to We Drink Because We’re Poets’ Thursday Poetry Prompt #12: “Honor.” What is honor? In response I recorded a  scenario I’ve imagined many times. It’s short, but, I hope, powerful.

A door beat down
A gasp
A gun
A snarled question
A yes
A shot

The most peaceful way
To die


Composed 5/27/13
Description: I went to Ikea today, and, in addition to inspiring me to design an entire house, the trip also led to this.

Striped red clothes hanging in a row
On a single clothesline
A black frame with white sheets stained with red
Tucked between a towering chest of drawers
A small silver table
All sharp and shining
A white lamp emits hazy light
Black and white paintings on blood red walls
And a single white vase of rigid red roses
That’s it
That’s all
No clutter
No mess

I wished I lived
In an Ikea display
Where everything was black and white
No stress, all matched
Organized and neat
Unlike my own abode

But if I did that
My life would be an Ikea display
Artificial, too clean
Devoid of all life

Watch Your Mouth

Composed 5/6/13
Description: So my roommate’s fish died yesterday morning, and, well…

He was a gentle spirit
And navy as the evening sky
He’d spent his lifetime captive
But he lived a peaceful life

Her face fell as he lay
On those turquoise cobblestone streets
His blue spirit had left the cage
And now was finally free

I pat her hand
Don’t worry I say
Things will only get
Better today

At lunch she told me
She’d gotten a call
To report the death
Of her dear grandpa