Behind Screens

Composed 3/6/16
Description: Just to write something… Here’s something inspired by today’s Daily Prompt.

You may see me
Through crisscross shadow lines
White pointed fences with curving ivy vines
I’m hidden in slivers, shoulder height in every crowd
You’ll truly only see me when there’s no one else around

Catch me alone, and you only see a guise
Bare, marked up skin or makeuped in disguise
My smile, is it deceptive? My frown is it a lie?
My laughter is easy, but then so are my sighs

So few have seen an unbounded me
Unleashed in the sunshine, wandering, free
Without a mask of sick or sweet
Even uncovered I hide behind screens



Composed 5/5/15
Description: n/a

You think you’re fire
A hot, alluring force
Unique, endless light
But you’re an explosion
You shock
You burn
You blind
Once they flocked to you but
Your deception is not subtle
So they run
No one wants to burn and die
Is it strange we hide?

Steady, Now

Composed 4/2/15
Description: Day 3 of NaPoWriMo. (I may have cheated a little and wrote this one late yesterday, technically.)

It’s so easy to be deceived
By a moment, frozen in your own mind
To love an idea, a fantasy
Stored in imperfect memory
Tied to your sweet imaginings
And cling
Swerving every red flag
In an attempt to finish the race

You thought you’d abandoned hope
Perhaps that is safer
Than throwing yourself into a lie
Best, wasting time
Worst, wasting life

Oh God,
Just keep my feet fixed on the floor