Composed 2/7/17
Description: n/a

It’s not that I desire just
Any figure by my side
Or just any hand or any pair of eyes
But absolutely, specifically
The person that is you
The smile that you give
And the quips that just you do
But most of all I just wish
To look in your specific eyes
Hold your specific hand as
We stand there side by side
And press my lips to you



Composed 4/1/16
Description: I admit it. The last few days I have been incredibly obsessed with Miitomo, the new social media app from Nintendo. Thus, I thought it appropriate to write about it this day, the first day of NaPoWriMo.

It has always been our desire
To mimic God and
Create in our own image

Is it any surprise
That we all swarm
To put our fake selves in a box
Dress them up and send them out
For all the world to see?

Take a picture
Look at me!
Stop by, dwell, talk, and read
See what I made
We all need to be
Looked at sometimes

The Truth Is

Composed 5/21/15
Description: Sometimes we want something… but really we don’t.

I desire to dislike you
I dream of your demise
I fantasize of your shortcomings
Your angry voice, your lies
I long to smirk, outsmart you
To bow to awed applause
I want to see you back away
When I reveal my claws

But the truth is I don’t know you
Perhaps your eyes are not disguise
I’d rather be seen as your friend
Than one hated, criticized
I don’t want that guilt held in my chest
When I speak those fiery words
I’d rather just reach out and bless
To feel peaceful and secure

Because the truth is I don’t know you
And karma is our ruthless fate
So I will always accept you
After all
We each make mistakes

False Light

Composed 6/17/13
Description: Just some thoughts I had today.

I don’t even want you, you know
And I couldn’t have you if I did
But I’ve been thinking of your lips lately
Of your calloused working hands
Pulling me to your torso broad
And your warmth so dear

But it’s just those things I want, once lover
You’re just a trembling lamp
So I will let the moon wax and wane
And wait in darkness for the light

Visions in the Night

Composed 6/16/13
Description: I’ve been feeling a bit lonely today.

the worst result of your sway
I admit
not your fault
but that does not mean
I cannot drown
in the steamy pressure of the night
that fogs my mind
with red
with darkness
and squeezes my body all over
then releasing
leaving my heart and soul empty
an emptiness that
lasts and lasts