Composed 5/21/13
Description: I am currently housesitting for a family as they move their son into an apartment out of state. Though I’ve been at this house many times before, it’s always strange to be at another’s house completely alone with the freedom to explore.

A stranger’s house
Is a castle to be explored
With secret staircases leading to
New rooms
Each one a mystery
Filled with items never seen
Knick-knacks in cabinets
Pictures on fireplaces
Strange food lining the pantry and
Unfamiliar shelves filled with unfamiliar books
Tell stories of an entire life lived
Without your influence

In a world of routine
Everything is new
The squish of a couch
The softness of toilet paper
The smell of bed sheets
The buttons on a remote control

Everything is an adventure
Hidden trashcans plead to be found
Showers are a riddle to be solved
And when the lights grow dim in the night
You are truly lost in the dark
No known notch in the wall
Or corner of a desk
Serves as protector
You are a victim to the demons
Of dark and imagination
Quests for light switches
Are a matter of life and death

And yet
A week of exploring the castle
Makes it shrink
Into the cottage you are used to

His Heart

Composed 5/12/13

Description: I recently stumbled across another poetry contest that really sparked my interest with its prompt. The post described a study that found that “twenty-three words still in use today have survived mostly unchanged from the end of the last ice age.” The blogger then went onto list these words: I, we, thou, ye, who, this, that, what, mother, male/man, not, old, black, worm, bark, hand, ashes, fire, to give, to pull, to spit, to flow, and to hear. The challenge was to create a poem using at least fifteen of these words in less than 12 lines. It sounded fun, so I gave it a shot! I hope you like the results.

Also, be sure to check out the contest and poemelf’s awesome blog! She has such a cool project, and, if you like poetry, I’m sure you’ll love her blog.

I hear those folks who say
My man’s heart is old and black
That it burned out in the fire
And all that’s left of it is ash

But I know what his heart’s like
Because he gave me that warm hand
And asked me not to leave him
When I said “I understand”

He just needed me to pull
His heart strings soft like this
To let his love-song flow
To grant my one true wish