Composed 4/5/17
Description: I’m there. I’m sure you’ve been there. For NaPoWriMo.

Mindless motions are how
I muddle through monotonous days
Once filled with frenzied excitement
Those same enticing tasks
Emit exasperated sighs
Can I survive
A few more days?

Drop Dead, Gorgeous

Composed 3/15/16
Description: Today was an even 68 degrees, sunshine… For today’s Daily Prompt: Drop.

It was a drop dead gorgeous day a day that
made you feel light awake invincible
it was easier to breathe that day
easier fun to busy about
even work felt good
but now I stall and
just want to




Composed 9/6/14
Description: Sorry for the hiatus. Life and lack of motivation has been keeping me away. This one’s been sitting on the backburner for awhile. Just inspired to finish it today.

Do you hear it?
The static of words unsaid?
Do you feel it?
Or is it just in my head?

This electricity building the longer, the later
We’re alone in evening rooms
When goodbyes hang on hunched up shoulders
Heart heaving, inevitable doom

The back to front uncertainty
Of uninvited touch
Of softened words and sorrowed wishes
That’d leave me sore and stuck

Do you wonder?
Of my sure, concise reply?
If you worry
My actions tell you lies

For know the current building up
Is not one soon to explode
But a newly fashioned force field
To probe uncharted roads

And I know it hurts — the laughs, the bonds
That seem like lovers’ games
I admit it’s nice to be for once
An admired, sought-for dame

Do you fret?
That I do not care?
For truly
You’re a friend beyond compare

For even though the static felt
Doesn’t burn in heated paths
I value every word you’ve spoke
And every breathless laugh

Yes truly you have earned a place
Of high fondness and esteem
And the warmth of friendship’s energy
Is richer than it seems