Adventures (in Fashion)

Composed 2/20/14
Description: Inspired by today’s Daily Prompt: New Sensation, which asked us to describe our favorite fashions from days of yore or current trends we think are stylin’. This prompt hit me at a good time, as my mother took me shopping yesterday, and I’m still riding the high of purchasing a new pair of boots and skinny jeans. To increase my excitement, the weather has (temporarily) taken a turn for the better, meaning today I’ve been able to wear an amazing jacket I bought several weeks ago.

Anyone who has consistently read my blog knows I have a small obsession with boots, which means I have written on my favorite fashion accessory before, both for everyday wear and as an important factor in steampunk.  However, today was just such a perfect example of the amazing sensation dressing this way gives me that I had to write about it again.

Today the snow melts, spewing rapids on pavement
As gray clouds shadow the cool wind’s bereavement
The dark grass ripples in the cold and the mist
Like a kingdom’s great marsh fading into abyss

My lips pull together
A victorious smirk
As I dawn my protection
And step out to lurk

There’s something about leather and twine knee high laces
That takes me off to my favorite places
Tromping through forests with bow on my back
To the castle with sword bracing for attack

With blood red jacket of shining cattle skin
And boots to my thigh with tight jeans fit in
I’m a story tale hero with a warrior’s heart
Fighting for my loved ones and my peoples’ fresh start

I journey through days where potential runs free
To travel, to meet, to love, fight and seize
I chase villains, I battle, meet charming young men
I blow off, I banter, I fall to my whims

And this is the feeling
On those days when I put
Leather sleeve on shoulder
And tall boot on foot



Composed 10/3/13
Description: I started this poem a few days ago on a VERY rainy day. I loved it. Not only do I just love the rain, but rainy days also give me a great excuse to utilize my favorite fashion accessory. That’s right, you guessed it: boots.  I had a blast with my boots that day.

Ah, I am so glad it’s autumn, so I can justify wearing boots all the time! Because boots are awesome. Here’s why.

There’s something about the beginning
The slipping
The tucking
The lacing
The buckling
I’m armoring up for the day ahead

There’s something about the middle
The clop and strut of heels on pavement
Hunting, climbing over marshes and sand
Cutting through the running waters
Onto the cobblestone
I’m on an adventure

There’s something about the end
I’m done

Mission accomplished


Composed 6/15/13
Description: Confession time: I am obsessed with steampunk stuff. If you don’t know what steampunk is, well, it is essentially a re-invention of Victorian England. It is what that time period might be like if steam power was utilized to its full extent — to ridiculously large proportions. Household items, weapons, (air)ships, automobiles… everything works off of steam power and these strange, mechanical inventions have influenced all of life. However, otherwise things, such as Victorian fashion, are roughly the same… just with a steam powered and mechanical twist.

Anyway, I’ve been thinking about it a lot lately, because in a few months there’s a convention going on in a city very close to me… giving me a perfect excuse to dress up! Yes, I have a costume, and I am pumped. Anyway, while daydreaming about this, I was inspired to write an “ode” to steampunk if you will. Hope you enjoy!

It’s hard to describe
The grand appeal
Of clocks and gears
And battered steel
Of smoky mist
And thick brass pipes
Of rusty gauges and
Foggy lights

It makes no sense
The love that stems
From skeleton keys
With wings and gems
Or how we wish that
This old key
Went to a ship of the air
And not the sea

With golden sails and
Bows of brass
We dream of soaring
The skies at last
Dawned with boots
Of scarred brown leather
And tall top hats
With goggles and feathers

And in the middle
Dashing slacks
With old gold buttons
And a proud red sash
Topped off with
A captain’s massive coat
With medals applauding
Our skills and boat

And then the others
Who dress much less plain
Sport corsets and bustles
And waistcoats with chains
Oh, why do we long for
This made up time
When old London
And steam power run prime

I guess we just want
To get away
From the normalcy
Of the day to day
We want to dream
Of inventions, adventures
That are all our own
That no one can censor