Composed 11/19/17
Description: Not so subtly inspired by my last post.

Don’t fear me
I have a disarming smile
And a degree in reflective listening
I was raised and trained with a customer service philosophy
I will not raise my voice
I will not contradict
So don’t fear me
Fear my pen
If you are rude or condescending
If you cloak yourself in arrogance and embrace ignorance
You will be a victim of the written word
Woven into rhyme, metaphor, and simile in my poetry
Masking your identity and yet
When in some happenstance you read
These rhymes and vague-told stories
I hope it makes you feel somehow, distinctly

I Don’t Want to Be Saved

Composed 11/19/13
Description: n/a

Is that what it will take?
Downturned lips and
Tear glazed eyes
Dainty sniffs
And hopeless sighs?

A slump, a funk
A bad day, bad week
My mother dies
My grades: all Cs?

If that’s what it takes
A need to be saved
I’ll hold out my hope
Another man, another day.