Composed 4/27/13
Description: How I’ve felt today with regards to motivation… Not a good sign with finals coming up and all that.

Motivation is
Like directional ability
Speed and agility
Financial security
I don’t have it

It’s like
A Father’s love
Guidance from above
A hand to rub
I need it

It’s like
The perfect man
A day in the sand
A hundred grand
I can’t catch it

Motivation is
Like a text from you
A wanted job interview
A house with a view
Maybe I’ll get it someday

April is Full of Contradictions

Alternative Title: What is it About April?
Composed: 4/16/13
Description: A light-hearted little poem today, which, though written a few days ago, perfectly describes today: stereotypically springtime gorgeous, but with a chance of severe thunderstorms tonight. This poem also describes a strange phenomenon: I always tend to pump out a LOT of writing in April. Disproportionally more so than the rest of the year. What is it about April…?

Cold wind
Warm Sun
A slave to school
But almost done

Dawn your flip flops
But pack your boots
Eighty degrees
But downpours soon

And barricade
The library doors
So you can raise
Your final scores

And on your breaks
Plan your fun
For books and papers
Are almost done

Betwixt the sun
And rain and wind
And mounds of tests
Almost at end
Words fall
From my fingers

What is it about
The month of contradictions