Which is more superficial:
Consuming all that
Brings me joy in this
Short life
While perhaps
Making it a bit shorter
Denying myself for
A few more years to
Conform to standards
That aren’t mine
To slip in more easily
Through the cracks of this world
Until it breaks.


Composed 10/8/17


Tasty Beats

Composed 5/12/16
Description: For Day 7 the theme was “flavor,” and we were challenged to use found poetry. Found poetry is kind of a struggle to me, because, unless I am spontaneously inspired, in some ways I feel constrained. But I remembered I made some chewy brownie cookies yesterday, and I thought that might be destiny. So I stepped up to the plate (haha) and used the recipe to make a poem, which, actually, turned out to be kind of a DJ/rap intro. I find this fitting as music, just like food, has distinct flavors and is often described as “tasty.”

If you are interested in the cookies (which are quite good!) here is the full recipe. And here is the poem:

found poetry and erasure poetry using a recipe for cookies


My Favorite Treat

Composed 4/6/16
Description: I’m actually going with NaPoWriMo’s suggested prompt for Day 6! What is the prompt, you ask? Well, to write about food.

You are white, creamy snow on a hot steamy beach
With light, fluffy clouds in rainbow shades overlooking
Despite your soft appearance, though
You’re dark and gritty within
A solid layer of raw, chewy texture
And a river of sinful silk
But then there is your deepest self
A rich, dark core of delectable sweetness that one must dig for
You are so many things, so many contradictions
But perhaps that’s why I love you
Love to taste you
Ice cream cake


Composed 5/26/15
Description: A possible companion to Sloth

Large, lumbering
Hanging out and over
Stretching, covering
Pressing, sucking in
Drowsy, stumbling
Hard and stuffed to bursting
Hiding, blushing
A constant nagging sin

Demons following
Gently coax away
With another bite

The Sad Truth About Lent

Composed 4/2/14
Description: (Day 2 of NaPoWriMo) I tried on a dress a few weeks ago. It’s a nice dress; it looks good on me. But how much better it would look, I thought, if I could drop five, ten pounds! So, naturally, I begin thinking of all the crap I could cut out of my diet which would, of course, make the fat just fall off me! And as the list continued, I realized they were just about all the same things I thought about giving up for lent… but decided against. How lent has a way of exposing our priorities! I wouldn’t give up food for my own GOD, but I would for my pride! Ugh!

I laugh when they ask

Forty days
Without chocolate, french fries, steak?
I shove it off
Tell them
I could never do that

But I’d do it
For a size six dress